Out of all the things in our lives, interviews can be nerve wrecking. We are worried of questions because the answers to them will land us on our dreamland. But what if your outfit fails? Even this could impact your interview process. While you are focusing on the answers, let Saurabh Jain, the celebrity stylist and designer, take care of your style woes. Get your interview outfit sorted now with his tips!

1. White shirt with flared pants

We always have a tendency to wear a white shirt with black pants and formal shoes. To take you away from that corporate look, Saurabh suggests that you wear your fave white shirt right with flared pants. These pants can either be tapered or flare at the bottom. The tie up style pants are the latest trend that every fashionista is opting for. Keep it looking sleek and smart with black heels and a mini handbag along.

2. Blazer call

This is given but experimenting with colours is important. Instead of sticking to a black or a grey blazer, why not go for marsala one! Steer clear of shirts with this one and instead wear a striped tee as this will instantly draw eyes to your look. Believe us, you will be complimented at the end of your conversation. Complete this garb with elegant jewellery and pointed toe black pumps.

3. Indian touch

Who said wearing kurtis meant an apt outfit for the interview? While that style notion still exists, there are various other ways you can team some Indian touch to your look. Wear your basic white tee with linen pants and layer a block print jacket on top. Add some more vibe to your look by pairing tribal jewellery instead of a plain one. Choosing silver heels will make you look stupendous indubitably.

4. One piece

We are afraid to try this out but opting for a one piece can also make an impactful appearance. If you have applied for a creative space application then this outfit will be your absolute go-to. Yes, grab a basic tee and wear a striped dress on top. You will find oodles of such options online now. Opt for open mules and complete this ensemble with confidence.

5. Turtleneck

Saurabh, our stylist, suggests that wearing a turtleneck tee means you are already showing off your self esteem which is a tick mark for an interview. Let your outfit look sharp and tailored as you rely on checked pants to go with your turtleneck. Opt for boots and a mini sling bag to finish off this repertoire quite skillfully.

In the end, we don’t guarantee you will get the job you want, but we are sure you will make a drastic impression on them with these OOTD ideas. They are simple and can be created from your wardrobe attires as well. Take it easy and see yourself outshine than the rest!