Fashion Tips


Fashion tips as a concept is a tricky business, unless you are a stylist or an editor. A pair of cuffed jeans or a crop top can be pulled off easily by a few but not most women. The reason why this task can put you in a dilemma is because even fashion at times needs to be planned strategically. After taking everything into consideration, I have added some style tips below that will stay with you for a lifetime and without a doubt, you will see why you needed them in the first place.

1. Button down shirts are the way to go

One classy trend of all times, basic button down shirt is the way to elevate your whole look. From ball skirts to your ripped jeans, these shirts can take you miles above your style code. If you aren’t aware, you must pile on classic shirts as they can conceal your waist and make your style look like a dream. Refresh wearing the trend regularly by trying out different hues, lengths and prints!

2. Accessorising right

Your basic outfits need more enhancement and that can come about with accessories. If you have a closet full of colours that are neutral and not offbeat, wearing accessories in bolder hues can bring about surprisingly versatile change to your look. This can take away all the attention from the areas you don’t wish to show. If you are feeling really brave about this, you can also opt for complementary colours! Experiment with bags and jewellery to look on point.

3. Layering

Even layering can help you look fit. It’s a myth that adding layers means more weight on the body. Adding light layers can conceal your waist line and plus it looks as if you were born to be a street style star. Take it easy and pair your lace camisole with ripped jeans and a light shrug on top, preferably in colours that are dark. Believe me, it’s a style blessing you must adapt to.

4. Abide by black

I am not saying that your wardrobe be filled with only black, but this colour actually works wonders. It takes away all the attention and since the colour is dark, it can easily distract others and put attention on your style statement. Opt for your LBD and try to either layer it or pair it with bold jewellery.

5. High rise jeans

Instead of jeans that fall below mid length, say yes to hi rise jeans and other bottoms. In this case, it gets easier for you to cover your bloating or tuck in your tops and shirts. It does a great job to make one look slim or tall. You can go for acid wash jeans or dark ripped jeans. Go ahead and fetch your closet with these jeans. For more charm, you can pair it with embroidered ethnic tops.

6. Prints

It is a good idea if you choose vertical stripes or the ones that aren’t too disturbing for the eyes. In this case, your height automatically looks taller or there’s an illusion of slimmer waistline. Such prints and patterns are steal deals and fail proof ways to look on trend.

7. Hem your pants

Being a celebrity stylist, I can without a doubt say yes to this option. Women tend to wear pants that cover up their heels or flats, In such cases, you have already hidden the best part of your outfit. Instead keep the length a bit shorter. This will help to graze up your tops and your beaut heels will be noticeable.