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Top Fashion Trends of The Season & How to Style Them | Style Your Fave Trends Now!

Fashion trends of 2018 got us excited because most of the trends are wearable and without a doubt, they are now the A-listers. These emerging trends are style solutions that fix your closet when you run short of ideas. Get ready to hone your looks and update your style with our recently scoured fashion trends. We looked up and found these impeccable trends that will help you keep your A-game on. Without further ado and fret, check out these wearable trends along with style tips.

1. Pastel Please

This year is meant for lighter hues that are changing the tunes. Better than the neutral shades you go for most of the times, enter the lavender dream. We’re banking on this one as pretty pastel shades are all over the season and if you are anything like us, you would want to go ahead and experiment with this colour. Instagram-friendly and a rise for your Facebook feed, pair this hue with your ripped jeans. Opt for micro trends like ruffles for your tops and put a contrast colour in your heels!

2. Plaids

Stylist Saurabh Jain suggests that opting for plaids is the new thing that’s in for 2018. Plaids are flourishing everywhere and the runway fave trend is showing the style sense even on the street stars. From colourful design to oversized blazers, the unexpected plaids are the choice of this year. Let this trend weave a new style story as you wear it with your black ripped jeans and boots.

3. Fringes

Fringes are the way to quirk up and this over the top trend comes with ultra glam factor. Spotted on many celebrities and runways, this one trend has our hearts. Not just on clothes, this trend has also started surfacing on bags and boots. Yes, there’s no doubt that it’s a bit over dramatic, but you can embrace it even then as this one promises to make you look stylish. Pair it with tapered pants and white heels to make an eye-arresting statement.

4. Floral Print

Is there anyway that this one needs any mention? Floral prints have different iterations each time and they come with a refreshed factor. They are reserved to help your style look better than the rest. Turn heads as you wear this one. Experiment with big and small florals in your style. Add them to your playful dresses and wear it with your pastel sneakers to look like you are set to nail the trend of the season.

5. Athleisure

The athleisure trend has also come with renditions and has tapped into 2018 with style. Celebrity Stylist Saurabh Jain, suggests that you wear this keeping in mind the relaxed element. Since this trend has a sporty nature, you can take out your trainers and compile the trend. A new wave for your look, athleisure can easily revamp your style. The trend has ruled the runway and undoubtedly filled all the boxes right with its sartorial sass.

These are some trends that you can lay your hands on. They are currently trending and own the versatility to up your duad. Besides that, if you are a fan of micro trends, you can also try out puff and bell sleeves. Even mini embroidery in outfits is playing the cards right now. With so many trends in rage, upgrading your outfits gets easier. Be laid back as we come up with more style tips for you so you never run short of ideas.

Stay Stylish, Forever!