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Wear What You Love | 10 Tips On How To Feel Confident In What You Wear No Matter What Shape You Are!

Build Your Comfort Zone
Saurabh Jain believes that comfort is everything.Each time you walk past mirrors in your favourite clothes makes you feel confident.Break your routine, challenge yourself to know your inner strengths! That’s what makes you confident. Stop limiting yourself and keep practising a lil bit everyday.
Be Yourself.
Don’t worry about what people say or what they think about you.What really matters is what YOU think or feel about yourself. Remember, only YOU matter! Be so completely yourself in what you wear that everyone else out there feels positive & comfortable around you, that builds up confidence.
Remember To Smile & Be Happy From Inside Out!
Smiling is the best jewelry one can wear! Saurabh Jain beholds the inner beauty of smiling faces. Happiness from inside really reflects on glowing faces that enhances your looks as well . It is a big step to building confidence in what you wear.
Choose Fabrics & Colours You Like.
The choice of colour and fabrics says a lot about your personality. Choose colours wisely. The fabric you choose says a lot about your comfort zone and hence stylist Saurabh Jain believes in comfortable clothing . Wear what you like and what looks good on you, not what other people think will look good on you. To be confident and happy from inside, your choice is what matters the most.
Know Yourself.
Firstly,knowing yourself not only means sitting alone by yourself and talking with yourself alone . It means trying new things to know what you love wearing , your strengths, which clothes makes you feel more comfortable and happy.

Pay Attention To What Comforts You!
Comfortable clothes are one of the crucial parts of being confident while you walk. If the fits arent perfect for you, try another till you feel comfort & yourself. Right fits convinces your mind to stand alone in a crowd without being nervous.
Breathe,Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself
Don’t push yourself too much, it’s okay to make your own choice and choose your own comfort. Remember to breathe everytime you feel a lack in confidence. Everything takes time.
Appreciate What You Love
In today’s trend, fashion is an instant language. Dress the way you want to express yourself to people. Appreciate yourself for making it so far.Compliment yourself each time you feel good wearing your favourite outfits.
Develop Your Own Personal Style
Creating your own personal style enhances your fashion sense. Have fun with unique style choices to know what you like.
Less Is More
Keeping it simple while pairing your outfit with minimal jewelry and a perfume to match your style is all you need for a good day!
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