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Why are palazzo pants making a comeback?

Palazzo pants are making a comeback and they are loved by fashionistas now more than ever. It is almost 2022 and the trends on social media are all leaning towards more relaxed, loose fit, comfortable street-style outfits made out of natural materials. People are using their creativity to style these pants in a way that makes them appropriate for any venue be it street, beaches, parties, offices and even weddings. So if you are wondering whether they will suit you and what kind of palazzo pants should you wear, you are in just the perfect place.

Palazzo pants look quite similar to french cut flared jeans but have one major difference. They are characterised by their conservative loose cut right from the hip while flared pants are loose from the knee. Palazzo pants allow your legs to swirl around while you walk and give a graceful flair to your figure. They are available in both high and low waisted designs so one can choose according to their preference.

It is best to wear clothes according to your silhouette so you can enhance the flattering areas of your body. There is a myth that short women must stay away from palazzo pants as they make them look shorter but the truth is far from that. If styled correctly, the right pair of palazzo pants can really enhance one’s natural features. Short women can try to find a pair of high-waisted palazzo pants that aren’t too loose and are ankle length. Wearing a cropped top with these pants and layering up the outfit can make you look taller and slender.

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