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Why Co-ord sets are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe

Every woman knows the hassle and time that goes into deciding what to wear. Figuring out what we are going to wear ctuallt takes more than time than getting ready. THe magic outfit that saves everyone from this conundrum are coordinate sets! Introduced in the fashion industry in the late 60s, co-ordinate sets are dominating the fashion trends in 2021 as well.

Though at that time they used to be minimalist, we, at Saurabh Jain World go beyond the quintessential, adding a touch of eccentricity and quirkiness to every outfit! It goes without saying that the right set of coords can give your wardrobe a touch of comfort, style and sophistication. Moreover, coordinate sets are complete outfit on their own and do not require yout to take efforts into styling them. Just throw the outfit on and accessories minimally and you are ready to go.

How can we forget that they are a great value for money?
There are so many ways to style a coordinate set. One can wear them as is or use the top and bottom piece separately to create custom outfits oftheir own. If you are not a big fan of repeating outfits, investing in a nice coord set might be the best option for you. Use the bottom pants with a tshirt, shirt or spaghetti top to create your own outfit. You can experiment all you want with the top by pairing it up a skirt, jeans or a quirky palazzo pants to get full value of your money.

Now that you know why a coordinate set is a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe, do not forget to check out the incredibly collection of coords by stylist Suarabh Jain! You will find something that caters to everyone’s style and needs.